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The design and development of this website, and the writing of all content, is by Harriet Jordan. (For more information about me, see

However, the site would not have been possible without the support and assistance of a number of people and organisations. I would like to thank:

Ellen Jordan, for encouraging me, for taking photos of Streatfeild locations whie in the UK, and for allowing me to move our entire Noel Streatfield collection from her house in Newcastle to my flat in Sydney.

Angela Bull, for also providing encouragement, and for permitting me to quote extensively from her biography of Noel Streatfeild.

Nancy Huse for permitting me to quote extensively from her critical study of Noel Streatfeild.

A. M. Heath & Co, for placing me in contact with Bill Streatfeild, and for providing advice on contacting other copyright holders.

Bill Streatfeild and Nicolette Winterbottom for permitting me to reproduce family photographs belonging to Ursula Streatfeild, Richenda Stubbs and Ruth Gervis.

Barbara Brown for permitting me to reproduce her photographs of Streatfeild family gravestones.

HarperCollins Publishers Ltd for permitting me to reproduce dustjackets and title pages.

The National Portrait Gallery London for use of the photograph appearing on the Home Page.

Members of the Girlsown email list for providing valuable early feedback on the site.





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