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The first point to make is that the so-called "Shoes Series" is not a series. Noel Streatfeild's first two novels - Ballet Shoes and Tennis Shoes - are in no way connected, and the re-naming of many of her other books in the US (Circus Shoes, etc) was simply a marketing ploy. The list of Noel's children's books on this website incorporates the US titles, so it is clear which ones were changed to include the word "shoes".

Nevertheless, a number of characters do recur in different books and short stories. In addition, Noel wrote one complete four-volume and two complete two-volume series. In addition, her final two books formed the first and second volumes of a series that was probably intended to continue.


The Bell Family series

The Bell Family

"The Bells Keep Twelfth Night" (short story)

New Town

The Gemma series


Gemma and Sisters

Gemma Alone

Good-Bye Gemma

The Margaret Thursday series

Thursday's Child

Far to Go

The Maitlands series (unfinished)

Meet the Maitlands

The Maitlands, All Change at Cuckly Place


Ballet Shoes follow-ons

"What Happened to Pauline, Petrova and Posy"
A short story in which we are told "a little about the way things turned out for the three girls".

A short story featuring Doctor Smith and Doctor Jakes, with Pauline in a peripheral role.

Curtain Up
Pauline, Petrova and Posy arrange for three children to have scholarships to The Children's Academy of Dancing and Stage Training. Although the three Fossils do not appear in person, they do write letters to the scholarship holders. Madame Fidolia appears at the school, as does Pauline's friend Winifred, who is now a teacher.

The Painted Garden
One of the characters has been a student at the Children's Academy, and meets Pauline and Posy in America.

Apple Bough
One of the characters trains under Madame Fidolia at the Children's Academy.

White Boots follow-ons

"The Skaters"
A short story about Harriet and Lalla, set three years after White Boots.

"Ordinary Me"
A short story featuring Harriet and Lalla.

"Skating to the Stars"
A short story in which Max Lindblom is mentioned.

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Series and Links

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