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World War One

During the war, a soldiers' hospital was set up near the Vicarage, and Noel did voluntary work preparing vegetables in the kitchen.

In 1915, Noel and Ruth produced two more children's plays to raise funds for the war effort: Vingt-en-Un by Lucy and Virginia Wintle, and When Daydreams End, which Noel wrote herself. Because they were in aid of the war effort, the plays were performed in Eastbourne's Winter Gardens Theatre, rather than the parish hall. Noel played leading parts in each one, as well as being involved in the production.

The other major Streatfeild family event of 1915 was when Janet, much to the embarassment of her children, gave birth to another daughter, Richenda.

After the production of When Daydreams End, Ruth took a job as an art teacher. Barbara was working in London, and Bill had joined the army. Noel decided to give up working in the kitchen, and instead took a paid job making munitions in Woolwich Arsenal, London. Although the work was much harder than she had imagined, she stuck with it until she became ill with colitis. By the time she had fully recovered, the war was over.

Thumbnail photograph from production of Vingt-et-Un - click to enlarge
Vingt-et-Un, 1915
Thumbnail photograph of Woolwich Munitions factory - click to enlarge
Woolwich Munitions factory, 1916
Thumbnail photograph of the family - click to enlarge
Streatfeild family, 1917

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Photographs reproduced by permission of Bill Streatfeild and Nicolette Winterbottom.


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World War One


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