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On this page, I hope to find out which of Noel's books are most popular, based on feedback from visitors to this site.

Vote for your favourite books

Please email and tell me which are your favourites of Noel's books. You can name from one to four books (this is to prevent the possibility of hundreds of votes for Ballet Shoes, and only a handful for the other books).

Please note that the vote is not preferential. That is, every book you name will get one vote - there is no weighting for favourite, second-favourite, etc. So if you feel that one book is far above the others, just vote for that one. However, if there are a few (up to four!) at around the same level, vote for all of them.


Ballet Shoes (57)
White Boots (42)
The Painted Garden (30)
Curtain Up (27)
Apple Bough (23)
Wintle's Wonders (23)
Thursday's Child (15)
The Growing Summer (11)

The Bell Family (10)

Party Frock (9)
A Vicarage Family (9)

Tennis Shoes (8)

Caldicott Place (6)
The Circus is Coming (6)
Gemma (5)
Gran-Nannie (3)
The House in Cornwall (3)
New Town (3)
The Children of Primrose Lane (2)
The Fearless Treasure (2)
Good-Bye Gemma (2)
When the Siren Wailed (2)
The Children on the Top Floor (1)
Far to Go (1)
Gemma Alone (1)
Gemma and Sisters (1)
Old Chairs to Mend(1)
Parson's Nine (1)
The Whicharts (1)



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