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I have used many of the following reference materials when writing the content for this website.

Books/Articles Specifically About Noel Streatfeild

Brennan, Geraldine. (1995) "Class acts in the chorus line." Times Educational Supplement, 22 December 1995, p. 18.
Centenary article about Noel Streatfeild's work, suggesting that the best aspects are the "family vignettes and backstage dramas".

Bull, Angela. (1984) Noel Streatfeild. London: William Collins Sons & Co Ltd.
An excellent biography of Noel Streatfeild, incorporating the author's impressions of many of Noel's books.

Gunn, Katharine. (1985) "Noel Streatfeild & Her Children's Books ." Book and Magazine Collector, 21 (November 1985), pp. 20-26.
Brief biography of Noel Streatfeild, and information about the collectability of her children's books.

Huse, Nancy. (1994) Noel Streatfeild. New York: Twayne Publishers.
Literary criticism, suggesting "some meaningful ways to evaluate the family novel, the role of a children's novelist in preserving and constructing a historical record, and the implications of formulaic patterns that derive from female experience".

McDonnell, Christine. (1978) "A Second Look: Ballet Shoes ." Horn Book Magazine, April, 1978, pp. 191-193.
Article about Ballet Shoes, praising its detailing of everyday life, and the fact that it seems very modern in the way it presents women: "Self-sufficiency is shown as essential, and independence taken for granted."

Paxford, Sandra. (1971) "Children Who Have Far to Go." The Junior Bookshelf, 35, pp. 290-292.
Article about Noel Streatfeild, emphasising the element of security that runs through all her books, and the fact that all of her characters know, or learn, where they are going in life.

Phillips, Eric. (1962) "Noel Streatfeild Talks to Eric Phillips." The Writer, January 1962, pp. 3-5.
An interview in which Noel talks about writing for children, developing plots and characters, and her day to day methods of work.

Tucker, Nicholas. (1986) "Two English Worthies." Children's Literature in Education, 17:3, pp. 191-197.
Article about Noel Streatfeild and Arthur Ransome, speculating on "what exactly it is that makes their novels still fairly popular today with the young".

Wilson, Barbara Ker. (1961) Noel Streatfeild. London: Bodley Head.
An early mongraph, part biography, part literary criticism. Barbara Ker Wilson had met Noel Streatfeild, and thanked her for "answering so many questions with much patience and in such an encouraging way".

General Books/Articles

Cadogan, Mary and Craig, Patricia. (1978) Women and Children First: The Fiction of Two World Wars. London: Victor Gollancz.

Cadogan, Mary and Craig, Patricia. (1976) You're a Brick, Angela! The Girls' Story, 1839-1985. London: Victor Gollancz.

Carpenter, Humphrey and Prichard, Mari. (1984) The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
An encyclopedia of children's literature (with a number of inaccuracies).

Crouch, Marcus. (1972) The Nesbit Tradition. The Children's Novel in England 1945-1970. London: Ernest Benn Ltd.
Describes Noel Streatfeild as "a pioneer of the modern children's novel" (p. 185), but spends less than one page on her.

Dixon, Bob. (1977) Catching Them Young: Sex, Race and Class in Children's Fiction. London: Pluto Press Limited.
Includes Noel Streatfeild's work in the category of girls stories clearly aimed at fantasy. Some discussion of Ballet Shoes, The Circus is Coming, Curtain Up and Thursday's Child.

Fisher, Margery. (1964) Intent Upon Reading. Leicester: Brockhampton Press Ltd.
Book about children's fiction. Only mentions Noel Streatfeild briefly (pp. 188-9): suggests that her books are "primarily studies in character".

Watson, Victor (Ed). (2001) The Cambridge Guide to Children's Books in English. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
An encyclopedia of children's literature. Articles about Noel Streatfeild are mostly written by Susan Ang (of the National University of Singapore).


Stokes, Sally. (2004) Private correspondence.


Resource Materials




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