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Harlequinade was first published in 1943. It is now out of print.

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When a circus is disbanded due to the war, the children are sent to live in the West country: Nick, son of the ringmaster; Andrea, the son of a clown; Sadie, the daughter of trapeze artists, who wants to be a ballerina; Serge, the son of a wire walker; and Nonie, Nick's adopted brother. Although people in the town are nice to them, the children feel like "aliens in a strange land" (Harlequinade, 1943:4).

Through spring and summer, the children have been using a field as a practice place to work on their circus skills. One day, at the beginning of winter, they get lost in a mist, and arrive at the front door of an old man's house. He invites them in, and tells them the story of the Harlequinade.


Harlequinade, like The Children of Primrose Lane, was written during the Blitz. Angela Bull suggests that it comes from a time "when writing was a wearisome chore, and not the joy it had once been; when the energy to think of fresh characters and events had drained away; when Noel, more shaken than she would care to admit, would emerge from under her desk saying - 'Where was I?'"(1984:183)


The opening of Harlequinade contains some of Noel's most poetic writing:

It was the winter the children found hard. Then mists blew over the hills and wrapped the town in grey folds. Then rain streamed down the crooked streets, and that in turn was swept away by the great roaring wind, which tore up the river shouting of the giant waves it had built of the sea. (Harlequinade, 1943:4)

They were children of the circus. The circus was disbanded, the animals scattered, and the artistes flying, drilling, working in factories or on the sea. Like flotsam and jetsam left as the tide goes out, so the receding circus had left nothing behind but the children. (Harlequinade, 1943:3-4).

This creates a mournful atmosphere of displacement and loneliness.

Unfortunately, the book does not really maintain the power of this evocative opening. The characterisation is not very sophisticated, the plotline is slim in the extreme, and much of the writing is matter-of-fact, rather than poetic. The reader will certainly learn some interesting facts about the history of the Harlequinade. However, perhaps even more importantly than the history, in Harlequinade Noel is also exploring the healing and unifying power of laughter. Sadly, her writing in this story is perhaps a little too uneven to garner the emotional response for which she was striving.

Editions and Availability

UK Editions

Harlequinade was published in 1943 by Chatto and Windus. It was illustrated by Clarke Hutton. It does not appear to have been reissued at any stage.

US Editions

There does not seem to have been a US edition of Harlequinade.

Out of Print

Harlequinade is out of print and very rare. In February 2004, the only second hand copy I can find listed by an online bookseller costs 20. (Source: Addall Used and Out of Print Book Search.)


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